Friday, 12 October 2012

SST Character Award

Hope you are enjoying your extended weekend. Anyone wants to nominate any classmate for SST Character Award?

Nominees for the SST Character Award need to have consistently demonstrated exemplary values, character and civic responsibility through their behavior and actions. Students may be identified for the following qualities:
i.        Qualities associated with the school values (3Es)
·         Embarking every endeavour with Excellence
·         Empowering themselves and others to make a difference to the world around them
·         Expanding learning networks by leveraging on the diversity around to build collective wisdom
ii.       Demonstrated exemplary civic responsibility (e.g. played an active role in addressing issues faced by the community); and
iii.      Shown remarkable resilience and tenacity in overcoming difficult circumstances.

Note: Students may be nominated regardless of their academic standing provided that they meet the above criteria.

Let me know soon.

From : Mr Dennis Lam

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