Monday, 9 July 2012

ATTIRE AND GROOMING POLICY (Revised on 6 June 2012)
Students are reminded that wearing the SST uniform or any attire that represents the school are expected to behave in a way that is consistent with SST’s good name.

School Uniform
1.     Students are to wear the prescribed uniform when coming to school or attending official school programmes (inclusive of school holidays). 
2.     Modification to the uniform is not allowed.
3.     Male students must tuck in their polo T-shirt and wear a belt (black in colour) if necessary.
4.     Only the SST sports jacket may be worn over the SST polo T-shirt. No other jacket or sweaters may be worn with the school uniform.
5.     For selected assemblies, students may be required to wear the school tie with a white shirt.

S&W Attire and CCA Attire
6.     School S&W T-shirts and shorts are to be worn during S&W lessons.
7.     If the S&W lesson is scheduled before recess, students are to change to their school uniform by recess or two periods after the S&W lesson.
8.     Students are allowed to report to school in their S&W t-shirts and school pants/culottes if their S&W lesson is the first block of he day.
9.     S&W T-shirts must be tucked in at all times.

10.  Hair must be clean and well groomed. Hair must be neat and kept away from face and eyes at all times.
11.  Male Students – Hair must be short and neatly combed.
12.  Female Students – Hair that is shoulder length or longer must be tied up. Simple hair accessories such as hand bands, hair clips may be worn.
13.  Every student’s hair must be in its natural colour. Dyeing, tinting, bleaching or highlighting of hair is not allowed.
14.  Punk and fanciful hairstyles are not allowed.
15.  Male students must be clean-shaven and are not allowed to keep facial hair such as beards, long side-burns or moustaches.

16.  Only female students are allowed to wear a simple identical stud on each ear. Ear sticks, loop and dangling earrings are not allowed.
17.  No other forms of jewellery are allowed.
18.  Any form of tongue, body piercing or body art is not permitted.

19.  Covered shoes, together with a pair of socks, must be worn at all times.
20.  Sports shoes must be worn during S&W lesson or while playing sports so as to minimise injury.
21.  Sandals are not allowed to be worn at any time except when permission is sought from the discipline mistress / master.

General Grooming
22.  Fingernails must be kept clean, short and unvarnished.
23.  Students must take responsibility for their own personal hygiene.
24.  Attire worn must be clean and neatly pressed with no holes, tears or frayed areas. 

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